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Shinra is the youngest of the Kuonji siblings. She loves to tease the ones she likes the most like her older sister Miyu and her new butler Ren. Shinra has dark green hair and brown eyes. Her attire consists of mostly black and dark colours. She wears grey leggings and loose pointy black boots each with a gold ring wrapped around the middle. She wears a gold rimmed black shirt, which has a gold streak that runs from the top to the bottom, in the front. The shirt's white collar is fastened with a single red button that has white ribbons hanging from. A chain of red gems and gold plates is worn around her waist and a waist length cloak, which golden decorated corners, is draped over her shoulders. A glossy black band is worn on her head that divides her side burns and fringe from the rest of her hair. Two white strings are tied in ribbons on either side of her head. She is the head of the Kuonji family and is often carrying a lot of weight upon her shoulders, due to other work she has to do.