Ageha is a fellow rich girl and classmate of Yume. She is often accompanied by her butler, kojuro. She has a large scar on her forehead and has silver hair. She likes physical training, and often rewards people by hitting them. She also enjoys kelp tea. She is shown to grow great affections towards Ren, after seeing his honest, hardworking personality, and has her first kiss with him, also stealing his. From that point on, whenever Ren needed to show the sign of loyalty, he needed to kiss her lips instead of her hand. Her affections grow large enough to make her want to stay longer, to spend time with him, but is eventually persuaded to go home, in order for her butler to not injure himself further.

As a result of her training, she is able to break solid boulders with her legs and fists, can hit hard enough to create blasts of wind or energy, and can agiley jump from 2nd story windows easily.

Ageha Kuki

She teaches these abilities to Ren and Kojuro.